Young Children's Education

Pilgrims uses an integrated approach in the spiritual formation of our children ages 5 and up. Our tradition, liturgy, ritual, human experience, outreach, and scripture are all used for our kids to experience God and the stories of God and creation. We believe and trust that through this integrated approach Pilgrim kids can connect with the symbolize and language of our faith, create a Christian identity, and connect with God's creation down through history. This model for spiritual formation creates space for our kids to experience awe, have time to reflect, ask questions, and build relationships. 

Using an integrated approach, our kids are woven into the life of the congregation. Our parents decided this was a more organic and relational way to learn rather than the traditional Sunday school model. Our kids are part of worship, outreach, and congregational life. 

Knowing that there is value in kids having a carved out moment to weave together their experiences, every Sunday after worship, our kids experience one of God's stories using the Godly Play curriculum. Our kids gather in our storytelling corner of the sanctuary to hear a story told by one of our storytellers. The storytelling lasts about 15 minutes.