You Are My Beloved

by Jessie Doll, January 10 2016

Calling each other by name is one of the ways that we begin to see each other. The name that your community knows you as is the way that they say I love you. Every time I hear someone call my kids by their name I hear I love you. I hope they hear I love you. I think that’s one of the things that we all should hear when our own names are called. This is the name that God has given us and we are beloved. … Read Full Transcript

Improvisational Magi

by Ashley Goff, January 3 2015

This time of discernment for our young adults is to break out of the youthful experience of the faith, break out of the faith just given to us by possibly by our parents, letting go of unhelpful, sometimes damaging experiences with God, Jesus, Spirit, Church…all of it. We let go of the rigid patterns and ways of thinking about the Holy in order to create space for the love, the kindness, the just ways of the faith.… Read Full Transcript

The Song of Advent

by Jeff Krehbiel, December 20 2015

Advent is about longing for a better future, about yearning for what is not yet present. That’s the experience we know when we tell the truth: the world is not yet as it should be. … Read Full Transcript

Something About Love

by Andy Thomas, December 13 2015

John doesn’t say go to church or be sure to pay your per capita! John tells us, Live your life in a way that shows that you’re living for more than yourself. God’s kingdom doesn’t start and end with you or even with everyone at the river. Share that love with everyone in your life. … Read Full Transcript

The Days Are Surely Coming

by Jeff Krehbiel, November 29 2015

Advent hope is the antidote to both fear and apathy. … Read Full Transcript

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