We Make the Road by Walking

by Jeff Krehbiel, January 22 2017

It’s striking when you think about it. Contemporary Christians often think that the most important thing about being a Christian is what you believe. Yet when Jesus first calls the disciples, he doesn’t ask them to believe in him, he invites them to follow him, to get up on their feet and get moving. … Read Full Transcript

The Sin of the World

by Jeff Krehbiel, January 15 2017

The sin that Jesus overcomes is not that we lied to our parents or cheated on our spouse, as hurtful as those things can be. The sin that Jesus’ life and death overcomes is the mess we have made of this world, and our human tendency toward oppression and tyranny. Jesus’ death marks God’s solidarity with suffering people everywhere, and in his resurrection, God overcame the powers of death.… Read Full Transcript

Original Sin, Original Blessing

by Jeff Krehbiel, January 8 2017

The sad truth is, no matter how long we have been a member of the church, no matter what role we serve, whether we are long time members, or a church officer or even the pastor, we are still haunted time and again with the self-doubt and self-rejection that makes us wonder whether we are good enough to deserve God’s love.… Read Full Transcript

Advent Becoming

by Nancy Neal, December 11 2016

Mary’s response to her pregnancy is to sing. She is so confident in God that she sings as if God has already turned the world upside down, even before Jesus is born. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty tough for me to believe right now. … Read Full Transcript

A Healed World

by Jeff Krehbiel, December 4 2016

Our hearts may not be feeling very open, or charitable, or forgiving right now. I’m not sure mine is. Thank God it’s not up to me. … Read Full Transcript

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