Search for the Living Among the Dead

by Jeff Krehbiel, April 5 2015

Will we place our trust in the power of empire? Or will be place our trust in a love that empowers us to seek the living among the dead?… Read Full Transcript

A Face Like Flint

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 29 2015

There are times when our convictions require action, and our actions have consequences. There are times when unwavering resolve and determination are called for. Those are times when you need to set your face like flint. … Read Full Transcript

The Road Less Traveled

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 22 2015

As hard as this is, Jesus is urging his listeners, then and now, to take everything he has said on that Galilean hillside and put it into practice as a way of life, a way of life, Jesus promises, that will make us fully alive.… Read Full Transcript

What, Me Worry?

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 15 2015

We can’t, by our anxiety, add a moment to the span of our lives, and we can’t, by our own efforts, bring about the Kingdom of God. … Read Full Transcript

A Righteous Movement

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 1 2015

Jesus isn’t talking here about the rules you need to follow in order to get in to heaven. That’s not what Jesus means by “entering the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus was starting a new movement. … Read Full Transcript

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  • Adult Forum: Poetry for Justice and Community.

    9:30 am The Bird Room

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

  • Interfaith Walk to End Genocide

    1:30 pm Holocaust Museum

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

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    6:30 pm The Bier Baron

    Monday, April 27, 2015