Disruption on the Road

by Ashley Goff, May 17 2015

Recognition of Jesus is possible in a community that knows how to be hungry and how to feed the hungry. … Read Full Transcript

A Long Walk

by Jeff Krehbiel, May 10 2015

The disciples do not continue on their way to Emmaus. Instead they turn on their heels and rush back to Jerusalem. It is no longer business as usual, life as normal. Because of their encounter on the road, suddenly everything is new. The encounter with this stranger on the road has required them to change directions.… Read Full Transcript

The God Who Says "Yes"

by Jeff Krehbiel, May 3 2015

We don’t usually think of the evangelist as being the one converted, but time and again that is what takes place when the Spirit is at work. … Read Full Transcript

Get Busy Sharing, or Get Busy Dying

by Ashley Goff, April 26 2015

To paraphrase Tim Robbins character Andy Dufrense from the movie Shawshank Redemption who said get busy living or get busy dying. We need to get busy sharing or we will be busy dying. … Read Full Transcript

Risky Abundance

by Jeff Krehbiel, April 19 2015

Jesus comes to us, urging us to discover the abundance that he offers, to live in a new way based on that abundance, warning us of the dangers that come with that abundance.… Read Full Transcript

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