New Sight

by Rev. Dr. Jan Nolting Carter, February 11 2018

A sermon based on John 9:1-12 Let me see that. No. It’s mine. I am looking at it. Come on, let me see that. It’s a scene that plays out in the back seat of every car, at the kitchen table of every house. . . at least in our family it does. It’s about looking at something. Or is it? Maybe not. It’s about who is in control. Who has the power to hold something. In my house, it plays out the dynamic between siblings, but this only child has heard the words come out of her mouth. We have all been a part of this conversation. Saying you want to see something is about wanting and needing to touch it, hold it, internalize it and integrate it into your understanding. It’s about trying to fix something, and in my house, it is about power—who is controlling the conversation or who is controlling the thing in question.… Read Full Transcript

Yearning to Be Known

by Rev. Dr. Jan Nolting Carter, January 28 2018

A sermon based on John 4:1-42 I think the most fundamental yearning that we each have is to be known. To be truly known. As who we really are. We spend our lives looking for people who will know us. If we really think about it, being known is intimately linked with love. We hope our parents know us as we truly are, but that doesn’t always work out—they know us in part, but we all have different experiences about how much they know us. We seek friends who know us, and many of us keep the ones close who do. We look for partners who know us—deeply, meaningfully and completely—soul mates. As the arc of our lives progresses, if we have children, we hope our children know us enough to respect our wishes when they become our decision-makers. Sometimes the deepest sanctuary we seek is the sanctuary of someone with whom we do not need to start our story over with.… Read Full Transcript

In the Sip of a Miracle

by Rev. Dr. Jan Nolting Carter, January 14 2018

A sermon based on John 2:1-11 We are not folks who really believe in miracles. At least, I think if I am being honest, I do not think that I do. I am just a bit too pragmatic. And just a bit too logical. And just a bit too linear. And, well, I have fairly well developed needs to at least feel like somehow I am in control. Not sure if any of you resonate with that. Miracles have nothing to do with personal control though. In fact, they point to the wildness of God.… Read Full Transcript

Where is the Star Leading You?

by Rev. Dr. Jan Nolting Carter, December 31 2017

A sermon based on Matthew 2:1-12 Our family had the extraordinary chance to see the smash Broadway musical, Hamilton, in the first month of its playing in New York. At the recommendation of a friend from college who is a producer who said, “Run, do not walk, to get tickets to this play,” on the day the tickets went up for sale, I ended up with four tickets at a normal price. For nearly a year, we were singing the songs of Hamilton. I woke up singing them—even in the middle of the night. I wrestled with the powerful ideas of the play, continuing to mull them over. Obviously, I was not alone. Lin Manuel Miranda struck a national chord, a yearning for higher ideals and the desire to make a difference as he told the story of Alexander Hamilton.… Read Full Transcript

From Silence to Speech

by Rev. Dr. Jan Nolting Carter, December 24 2017

A sermon based on Luke 1:68-79 So there was Zechariah. He was a priest of the order of Abijah. His wife was descendant of Aaron. He was blameless before the Lord. He and his wife, Elizabeth, were getting on in years and they had had no children because Elizabeth was barren. He was doing his priestly duties, attending to the affairs of worship and the temple. … Read Full Transcript

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