A Vulnerable God

by Jeff Krehbiel, November 30 2014

In Advent we are invited to go with the flow of the gospel and place ourselves in the place of those who are most vulnerable. Our efforts are not aimed at eliminating human vulnerability, but about sharing it, and responding to those situations where our shared vulnerability is out of proportion. … Read Full Transcript

The Word Became a Body

by Emily Wilkes, November 9 2014

The church has so much potential to be a powerful voice for the body-positive movement. We believe that we’re created in the image of God. We believe our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God had a human body and experienced all the same desires, cravings, and longings that we experience. God became human to show solidarity with the human experience.… Read Full Transcript

Knowing Who You Are

by Jeff Krehbiel, October 12 2014

In the Reformed Tradition, we don’t believe we are the most important actor in the baptism. We believe that role belongs to God. But part of how God works in the world is to entrust the church with the responsibility of opening doors on God’s behalf. … Read Full Transcript

What Is Wrong With Us?

by Jeff Krehbiel, October 5 2014

The mark of Cain is an odd mark of favor. Cain has sinned, and the mark will forever identify him as a sinner. Yet the mark also identifies him as one who lives under God’s protective eye. In the end, God’s grace and judgment are equally inexplicable.… Read Full Transcript

Stewards of the Faith

by Jeff Krehbiel, September 28 2014

If Abraham and Sarah are our model, then the life of faith is a risky one, a life-long pilgrimage in which there are few guarantees and no blue-print for success. … Read Full Transcript

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