Empowered to Imagine

by Rachel Pacheco, January 18 2015

Miracles are stories about life and joy overcoming and healing suffering in impossible ways. In Advent we spent time with darkness, and proclaimed that there is a light in the darkness that is not overcome. In Epiphany we are celebrating that light, that full life that is miraculous. So what happens when we imagine miracles happening? … Read Full Transcript

Beloved Children

by Jeff Krehbiel, January 11 2015

Neither Martin Luther King nor anyone else in the movie Selma were portrayed as saints. They were all, King included, deeply flawed persons who were just as messed up in multiple ways as any of the rest of us. Yet, despite their imperfections, they moved the needle of history toward justice. That is equally true of us as well. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wake up every morning aware that I am not Martin Luther King Jr. But that doesn’t matter. God can use us anyway. That’s the way God is at work in the world. … Read Full Transcript

Bad Girls

by Ashley Goff, December 21 2014

Where are you from? Are you from courage and resiliency? Are you from vulnerability and empowerment? Where is the Advent story in you and what are your roots of the story? … Read Full Transcript

Resiliency in Community

by Emily Wilkes, December 14 2014

I imagine resiliency is the process of what happened in between the angel’s appearance to Joseph and Jesus’ birth. As a man in this exceptionally patriarchal society, Joseph contended with what it meant to lay down his privilege in order to stand in solidarity with Mary. Mary on the other hand continued to fight against systems that perpetually oppressed her, both as a Jew in Roman-occupied Palestine and as an illegitimately pregnant woman. Standing together fostered resiliency, though they were contending with radically different challenges.… Read Full Transcript

A Vulnerable God

by Jeff Krehbiel, November 30 2014

In Advent we are invited to go with the flow of the gospel and place ourselves in the place of those who are most vulnerable. Our efforts are not aimed at eliminating human vulnerability, but about sharing it, and responding to those situations where our shared vulnerability is out of proportion. … Read Full Transcript

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