Making Community

by Jeff Krehbiel, August 16 2015

The model for how we are to relate to one another is not the patriarchal household but the gathering for worship, where we sing together, pray together, and submit to one another in relationship to God. Thus, singing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” is a political act that challenges all human categories and divisions.… Read Full Transcript

Looking for Jesus

by Jeff Krehbiel, August 2 2015

What sets Jesus apart from all the other things we consume to feed our hunger, is that all the rest eventually leave us empty again.… Read Full Transcript

Looking for Healing

by Jess Fisher, July 19 2015

Somehow in that crowd gathered in those woods, with the nearby sound of the river, I found healing. I began to see with new eyes. I found new stories to share. More purpose to stand on. More joy in my heart to share. My hope is that God can use those changes in me to bring healing to another. So, as you think about this summer, where have you found healing? How did it change you? Or, if you haven’t experienced healing lately, where might you look for it in the weeks ahead? And finally, what is God calling you to share or to offer, that you might bring healing to another? … Read Full Transcript

They Done Beheaded JB

by Andrew Flanigan , July 12 2015

He walked out of his apartment feeling gayer than ever. He is donned in full Pride regalia--complete with a rainbow flag cape, tie-dye t-shirt, purple shorts, and multiple miniature rainbow flags. As he continued down the street head held high he carries a poster proclaiming “FREE HUGS,” in rainbow lettering of course. He was not afraid as he boarded the metro bound for downtown, taking care to make sure that his rainbow cape did not get caught in the doors. When arrived at his station, he rode the escalator up to ground level and emerged in the sunlight like a gay Superman. He headed to the Supreme Court to complete his mission--to hug as many people as possible.… Read Full Transcript

Dusting off Our Shoes

by Ashley Goff, July 5 2015

In this story, God is the letting go, the release of what isn’t serving the disciples anymore to follow in the Way. What isn’t serving you anymore in your life? Is there anything that isn’t serving Pilgrims anymore? What do you need to let go of? What do we as a community need to let go of? What’s the release needed to create more space for compassion and connection?… Read Full Transcript

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