What, Me Worry?

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 15 2015

We can’t, by our anxiety, add a moment to the span of our lives, and we can’t, by our own efforts, bring about the Kingdom of God. … Read Full Transcript

A Righteous Movement

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 1 2015

Jesus isn’t talking here about the rules you need to follow in order to get in to heaven. That’s not what Jesus means by “entering the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus was starting a new movement. … Read Full Transcript

Salt and Light

by Jeff Krehbiel, February 22 2015

The sanctuary isn’t the field of play. The sanctuary is the locker room. The field is out in the world. This is just the rehearsal. … Read Full Transcript

Invitation to Transformation

by Jeff Krehbiel, February 1 2015

Maybe it helps to realize that we’re all riffraff. For the Rich Young Ruler, there was a gulf between him and Zachaeus. From Jesus’ perspective, they were both the same. … Read Full Transcript

Empowered to Imagine

by Rachel Pacheco, January 18 2015

Miracles are stories about life and joy overcoming and healing suffering in impossible ways. In Advent we spent time with darkness, and proclaimed that there is a light in the darkness that is not overcome. In Epiphany we are celebrating that light, that full life that is miraculous. So what happens when we imagine miracles happening? … Read Full Transcript

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