by Jeff Krehbiel, March 30 2014

Without vulnerability, intimacy is not possible. Yet sometimes the deepest wounds we can suffer happen in relationships were we have trusted someone in our vulnerability, and that trust was abused.… Read Full Transcript


by Jeff Krehbiel, March 16 2014

When we numb ourselves to our vulnerability, when we numb ourselves to grief, and shame, and disappointment, we also numb ourselves to joy, and gratitude, and happiness. … Read Full Transcript


by Dana Olson, March 9 2014

Jesus hungers for food, but also for community and connection - for justice, and for God. Perhaps when he sees brokenness or people hurting, he is angry too.… Read Full Transcript

Wrestling With God

by Jess Fisher, February 23 2014

I am grateful that our God is big enough and compassionate enough to take my cursing. … Read Full Transcript

Faith and Fortuity

by Donna Riley, February 16 2014

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t had those specific encounters with my middle school teachers, or if the Presbyterian Chaplain hadn’t sat next to me on the airport shuttle that day -- but then fortuity gives way to faith. … Read Full Transcript

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