Entertaining Angels

by Jeff Krehbiel, July 27 2014

If the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah is a failure of hospitality, it is the church that has most often committed the sin of Sodom. … Read Full Transcript

Family Responsibilities

by Jeff Krehbiel, July 20 2014

The Bible acknowledges that in real life choices have to be made when there are no easy answers. … Read Full Transcript

Becoming One Flesh

by Jeff Krehbiel, July 13 2014

The creation of the woman is not a cure for incompleteness, but a cure for aloneness. There is nothing in the text to insist that a new kinship bond as the antidote to aloneness can only be formed by persons of the opposite gender. … Read Full Transcript

Except Through Me

by James Allred, July 6 2014

Why isn’t it enough to be given the incredible gift of authentic revelation of the power and love of God? Why go out of our way to say not only is our way right, but every other way is also wrong? … Read Full Transcript

Canaanites and Indians

by Jeff Krehbiel, June 29 2014

One of the most important ways we learn to read the Bible is to recognize that the text does not speak with only one voice, but often with competing voices that contend with one another. … Read Full Transcript

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