Winds of the Spirit

by Jeff Krehbiel, May 22 2016

It seems particularly ironic, even tragic, that this passage is often used as a club by some Christians to bash non-believers over the head with condemnation. The more I read and re-read this story, I am persuaded that Jesus’ concern in this story is almost exactly the opposite from what many Christians assume it to be.… Read Full Transcript

This I Believe

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 27 2016

The question we are confronted with on Easter morning is, what is the power at the center of the universe that you are willing to stake your life on?… Read Full Transcript

Death and Resurrection

by Ashley Goff, March 20 2016

We are called to die to ways that keep us from loving and being loved in order to live into God’s resurrection because God wants nothing more for us than to include us in God’s story of death and resurrection. … Read Full Transcript

God's Anointed?

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 13 2016

That is the test of our faith during this Holy Week, not to have faith that is ready to stand as witnesses at the empty tomb on Easter morning, but to have faith that is willing to follow Jesus toward the tomb itself, to draw near to the many, many crosses in our world where Christ is being crucified again and again, and to see, through the eyes of our faith, the wonder of God’s love working to bring the gift of life even in the midst of death.… Read Full Transcript

The Lost Son

by Jeff Krehbiel, March 6 2016

In the father’s sorrow over his younger son, he seems to have lost his older son as well. … Read Full Transcript

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