Love in a Time of Division

by Jeff Krehbiel, June 12 2016

Love as Paul understands it is intended to function particularly during times of stress and conflict. So while it’s nice that we read these words at weddings, we really ought to read them the next year when the couple comes in for marriage counseling, or at the dinner table after a family fight, or in the fellowship hall during a church conflict, or maybe on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. What Paul intends is for his words to place whatever conflict is going on among the Corinthians into a new context, so that they can step back from their divisions and approach their relationship in a new way.… Read Full Transcript

What Does the Lord Require?

by Jeff Krehbiel, June 5 2016

There are lots of ways to live out our faith, church life being only one, butthere is no part of our lives where faith does not enter in.… Read Full Transcript

Winds of the Spirit

by Jeff Krehbiel, May 22 2016

It seems particularly ironic, even tragic, that this passage is often used as a club by some Christians to bash non-believers over the head with condemnation. The more I read and re-read this story, I am persuaded that Jesus’ concern in this story is almost exactly the opposite from what many Christians assume it to be.… Read Full Transcript

God in the Maelstrom

by Jeff Krehbiel, May 15 2016

On Pentecost we should be especially attentive to the voices that come from the margins, the voices that are not the dominant voice of the community, the voices that speak in a different cadence, the voices that enable us to see where God might be at work from a different point of view. … Read Full Transcript

Easter People

by Jeff Krehbiel, April 3 2016

We don’t just come as we are and stay as we were, but we rub off on each other. We are, hopefully, made better persons by our community with one another.… Read Full Transcript

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