Changing Heart and Life

by Jeff Krehbiel, September 11 2016

Even our language about center and margin, included and outcast, is problematic. Who wants to be told that they are the special object of our outreach? As if they are the ones who are lost, and we are the ones responsible for the finding. That sounds noble, but it leaves us at the center, in the place of power. We’re the ones who get to do the welcoming, and then to decide the limits of that welcome.… Read Full Transcript

Balcony Work

by Jeff Krehbiel, September 4 2016

All of us, no matter who we are, have adopted certain values and attitudes, that intuitively, almost unconsciously, tell us whom to defer to and whom to dismiss. … Read Full Transcript

A Minority Report

by Jeff Krehbiel, August 28 2016

There is a certain irony in hearing the story of Ruth read in worship. Not only do we often miss the politics of the story altogether, and focus only on the dramatic pledge that Ruth makes to Naomi, the words of which are printed on the cover of our bulleting this morning. But in the the church, which has so long condemned gay relationships, we most often read these words of Ruth, in which pledges of love and devotion are made between two women, during heterosexual wedd¬ing ceremonies. Though we have often missed it, the story of Ruth has long been testimony within the Bible itself that heterosexual marriage is not the only relationship that matters to God. … Read Full Transcript

Does God Have a Name?

by Jeff Krehbiel, August 14 2016

The Exodus story warns us that anytime we pretend to limit God’s freedom, oppression will soon follow.… Read Full Transcript

Sacrament of Creation

by Jeff Krehbiel, August 7 2016

We live in a hurting and broken world, yes, but we also live in a world marked by immeasurable beauty. And we place our trust, in faith, in God who created the world with both beauty and pain. … Read Full Transcript

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