Servant Leadership

by Jeff Krehbiel, November 15 2015

We need leaders-- we just need a different sort of leader than our culture understands. … Read Full Transcript

A Community Grounded in Love

by Jeff Krehbiel, November 8 2015

True community only emerges when we create a safe space for honesty and love, which includes embracing difference.… Read Full Transcript

Having the Courage to See

by Alison Dunn-Almaguer, October 25 2015

It is through being in relationship with one another that our eyes are opened and we begin to see that our destinies are bound up in one another’s. It is through joining together that your problem becomes my problem and my problem becomes yours. … Read Full Transcript

Shotgun! Drum Major Alert!

by Ashley Goff, October 18 2015

Leadership for Jesus belongs to those who learn and follow the ways of non-violence, of compassion, of justice-making, of vulnerability, of radical sharing. Drop the idea that there’s a throne and left and right, said Jesus. It’s not about a king who dominates. It’s about serving and sharing and being at Jesus’ side especially as he suffered. With this type of leadership, imagine what Jesus would say if he walked into your place of work? What would he see? Is there a king? Are people showing off their authority as Jesus witnessed? Are high-ranking officials ordering people around? Is there a left side, a right side? People scrambling to get at the top? People yelling shotgun?! How many drum majors do you see on a daily basis? Our world organizes around thrones and climbing to the left and the right. And when we talk about mind, heart, and body, this way of organizing and living isn’t just in our heads. It isn’t something we just think about. It actually becomes embodied within us. So if we are in work places that organize around hierarchies and climbing to the top and supreme success and being a drum major….that isn’t something we are just thinking about….those ways are in our bodies. We embody those ways. That’s really, really powerful stuff. … Read Full Transcript

The Work of Peace

by Jeff Krehbiel, October 4 2015

In Christ we are given a pathway of reconciliation with God who stands in judgement because we have forgotten. Jesus invites us to remember. We remember that we are made in God’s image– as are our neighbors around the world also made in God's image. We remember that we were once slaves in Egypt– and so remember those in bondage. We remember that we once wandered in the wilderness– and so remember those who are refugees. … Read Full Transcript

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