They Done Beheaded JB

by Andrew Flanigan , July 12 2015

He walked out of his apartment feeling gayer than ever. He is donned in full Pride regalia--complete with a rainbow flag cape, tie-dye t-shirt, purple shorts, and multiple miniature rainbow flags. As he continued down the street head held high he carries a poster proclaiming “FREE HUGS,” in rainbow lettering of course. He was not afraid as he boarded the metro bound for downtown, taking care to make sure that his rainbow cape did not get caught in the doors. When arrived at his station, he rode the escalator up to ground level and emerged in the sunlight like a gay Superman. He headed to the Supreme Court to complete his mission--to hug as many people as possible.… Read Full Transcript

Living Into Fear

by Emily Wilkes, June 21 2015

We become so wrapped up in our own fear that we’re prevented from asking the right questions. Maybe we need to stop accusing God of not caring about us, and focus our attention on another question. Do we care? Jesus could flip the disciples’ question right back on us. Do we care that our brothers and sisters are dying? Do we care that pregnant women are abused at the hands of police? Do we care that black men and women are imprisoned at disproportionately high rates? Do we care that in Charleston, South Carolina, nine people were murdered this week in a church? Do we care?… Read Full Transcript

Pride Flags and Mustard Seeds

by Nancy Neal, June 14 2015

What is Pride for us? I think pride is loving oneself, fully and completely. It is being unapologetic about the life we choose to live when we listen to that still small voice inside us. … Read Full Transcript

Nonsensical Disruption

by Ashley Goff, June 7 2015

Jesus is living himself and creating space for everyone to live in the Spirit of an ever expanding God, a Spirit which pushes boundaries, understandings and ways of knowing in order that we crash through the ways which keep us from God and how God is always, always, always doing a new thing. … Read Full Transcript

Disruption on the Road

by Ashley Goff, May 17 2015

Recognition of Jesus is possible in a community that knows how to be hungry and how to feed the hungry. … Read Full Transcript

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