Body Matters

by Jeff Krehbiel, April 20 2014

We can’t eat at this table, in the presence of the Crucified and Risen One, and forget the hungry poor who are in our midst– because bodies matter. … Read Full Transcript

Embracing the Cross

by Jeff Krehbiel, April 13 2014

It is now not uncommon for Americans, especially, to be well into their adult years before ever actually seeing the body of someone who has died. Our experience of death has become strangely disembodied. In the cross we confront the bodily reality of death.… Read Full Transcript


by Jeff Krehbiel, March 30 2014

Without vulnerability, intimacy is not possible. Yet sometimes the deepest wounds we can suffer happen in relationships were we have trusted someone in our vulnerability, and that trust was abused.… Read Full Transcript


by Jeff Krehbiel, March 16 2014

When we numb ourselves to our vulnerability, when we numb ourselves to grief, and shame, and disappointment, we also numb ourselves to joy, and gratitude, and happiness. … Read Full Transcript


by Dana Olson, March 9 2014

Jesus hungers for food, but also for community and connection - for justice, and for God. Perhaps when he sees brokenness or people hurting, he is angry too.… Read Full Transcript

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