Giving at Church of the Pilgrims

Why should you give?

We give for at least two reasons: As an expression of gratitude for God's gifts to us, and to support the mission and ministry of the church.

Giving as an act of gratitude is a spiritual discipline, a way of acknowledging God's gifts, and reminding ourselves that we belong to God, and are called by God to share all that we are in response to God's love.

At Church of the Pilgrims, our financial resources support our staff and outreach, including support for local, national and international mission, as well as our building. (We are fortunate to have many other organizations, such as the School for Friends and the National Coalition for the Homeless, that share our building with us, and share the expenses as well.) We have a small endowment that provides a resource for emergencies, but does not generate much income annually, so our largest source of income is from contributions from members and friends.

On-Line Giving

We are now contracting with Vanco Services to provide the option of on-line giving. Vanco works with congregations across the country, and has been endorsed by the United Methodist Church as a secure and reliable provider. Giving on-line allows you to make a direct deposit from your checking or savings account, or to give using a credit or debit card. You can make a one-time contribution (including for special offerings) or you can set up to make recurring payments, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Vanco Services charges a fee per transaction. The costs for a direct deposit is $0.25 per transaction. The cost for using a debit or credit card is $0.45, plus a 2.7% fee to the to the credit card company. You can choose, if you wish, to pay these fees along with your contribution. The church also pays a monthly fee to maintain the on-line contributions web page. If you have any problems with your on-line payments, please contact Temporary Office Assistant Jess Fisher at

For on-line giving, click below.