Worship at Church of the Pilgrims is a participatory event, where each week the gathered community joins in song, prayer, preaching, storytelling, reflection, and sacraments.

A bulletin provides the order of worship, and worship leaders, including the pastors, music director, and members of the congregation, lead the community through the morning service.

Most weeks include times of silence and sharing, standing and sitting, meditation and movement. Our intent in worship is to engage our senses, body and soul, and connect us with God and our neighbor—both those next to us in the pews, and those outside our doors.

Following worship you are invited to stay for Fellowship Time, where we have an opportunity to connect with one another more informally.

On any given Sunday you are likely to hear organ, piano, guitar, flutes, and unaccompanied voices. Our music is eclectic, meaning we sing everything from Taizé chants to Amy Grant. Some songs we sing from a hymnal, some are printed in the bulletin, and others are sung a cappella.

Children of all ages are welcome to participate in worship with their parents, and older children are often involved as worship leaders. Children are an important part of Pilgrims community, so we need them part of worship. We encourage children of all ages to be leaders in worship, from listening, to singing, serving communion, reading scripture, anointing during communion, and provide instrumental leadership children are a vital part of our creative worship. 

We plan worship with a team of leaders from the congregation, seeking to create worship that is relevant to our individual lives and equips us to live out our faith in the world. We value worship that is honest and attentive to our longing to connect with God, the stories of God’s people, and to prepare our community to live out God's Way in the city and world in which we live.

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Worship Schedule

Church of the Pilgrims begins worship at 11am on Sunday mornings.